I’m New

The first day at a new job, school, or (especially) church can be intimidating. Where do I go? What am I supposed to do? What are the unwritten rules? And most importantly, where are the bathrooms? The following might help:

Most people first check us out for worship time (10:30). Dress is casual. Grab a bulletin. Sit where you like. Bring your coffee. We sing mostly contemporary music and a few traditional hymns mixed in, with a live band. We take communion every week. Baptized believers are welcome to participate, members of South Jeff or not. If you’re not a member, don’t feel obligated to give when the offering plate comes around. We would appreciate it if you would fill out a Communication Card and drop it in the offering plate if it’s your first time here so we can send you some information in the mail. The message is generally 35 minutes (unless the guy goes long – ahem) in a conversational style, and we’re done by 11:45. There is a nursery just off the lobby, and programming for preschool and elementary. Just ask someone handing out bulletins for directions.

Oh, and the bathrooms are down the hall, on the right.