Will I Ever Love This Much?

Our three-year-old grandson was recently very sick: high fever, wouldn’t eat or drink, couldn’t sleep, clearly in a lot of pain.  Most seriously, he either would not or could not urinate. Because he potentially has a hereditary kidney disease, his parents had already taken him to the ER, where they diagnosed him as having a virus and sent him home. He was so sick there was a strong consideration to take him back to the ER. He was up most of the night.

So was I. Not because he was bothering me or I had a role in his care, but because I was praying for the Lord to intervene. He was in such pain, and his parents and “Mimi” were exhausted. Those of you who have grandchildren know what a heartbreaking experience that is, especially when you’re helpless to do anything. There’s not much for Pop to do in that situation except pray. So I did, off and on throughout the night.

He finally slept and by the next morning was on the mend. Whether because of his mom’s and Mimi’s care, or medicine, or God’s direct movement, I don’t know – probably some of all. Regardless, I consider that He answered my prayers.

I sacrificed most of a night’s sleep to pray for that little guy. I did it out of a deep love that just can’t stand to see him in pain; a love that caused me to hurt with him. Why wouldn’t I pray? My heavenly Father promised to at least hear me; a Father who has the power to act. And when he started feeling better, I thanked Him – many times.

Deep love leads us to do sacrificial things. But would I have made even that small of a sacrifice for anyone else other than family? Probably not, I’m ashamed to admit. I can at least say I’m past platitudes for people who request a prayer – praying on the spot or adding it to my list. But all night? No.

I don’t yet love enough for that. I know that not every prayer request demands an all-nighter, but shouldn’t it at least be a consideration for those of my church family who are in similar crisis? It would be – if I loved enough.

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